Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Falling in Love Again: Happy Valentines

I’ve just fallen in love. Really hard and so deeply and truly, it takes my breath away.

I was just watching him play with his kids. So gently teasing and tickling them, making them giggle.

I found myself not just watching, but blatantly staring. Forgetting myself for a few minutes as I lustily drank him all in. That man I know so well. His strong physicality, his smile, his eyes. His fathering, his kindness, his strength.

I felt a warmth and a stupid grin spread all over me. I tingled, caught my breath and even felt butterflies in my stomach. Here I am, a married woman of nearly ten years, giddy as a teenager and flushing with feelings of love, need and want.

Falling is the right word to use when describing that heady feeling. I was lightheaded, high on my feelings and rushing with an urge to kiss him.

He looked up at me and smiled, like he knew. I took my chance and leant in for a kiss. He returned it, warm and loving and as the kiss ended, I laughed at myself.

Falling in love with my Husband again.