Tuesday, 12 November 2019

I Painted a Pebble and I Liked It

I did, rather a lot actually. So here's a short and lighthearted (non-political, easy reading) post about my new found love of painting stones. I'm guessing some of you may have heard of the painting and hiding pebbles thing huh? I'm not exactly sure if it's popular further afield but certainly here in the U.K. it's become so in many parts of the country.

Find your local painted pebbles group on Facebook and then paint pebbles and hide them for others to find. Hopefully those found are posted to the page and then re-hidden or kept.

You hope your hidden pebbles make someone smile; you rather overly optimistically imagine them travelling around the world.

Sounds rather banal? Bit middle aged, frumpy even? Possibly! That being said, the boys and I found our first hidden rock in a park a couple of Summers ago and I've loved, no, adored painting them ever since... even if I can't quite explain why.

I like to attempt creativity, but usually with my words as I've never considered myself a person who can draw, certainly you'd struggle with me on your team playing Pictionary. 

I looked at my first pebble, like a blank page, for a while deciding what to draw. I remembered a couple of cartoon characters I 'learnt' to draw as a kid and started with those! Pencil first, as corrections happen often.

I got passed the teething stage of figuring out which materials work best and invested a few quid in good quality paint pens and varnish. Waaayyyy passed the point that the boys grew bored of it and stopped asking to join in.

It's now one of "Mummy's things". I paint pebbles and I hide them. 

Much love
WF xx


  1. Omg I LOVE this! Did you paint all of these?? This has totally made my day :-)

    1. Kate! I have no idea why I am only seeing this now (hi). Thank you for your lovely comment, praise from you on such an arty subject is praise indeed :) xxx


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