Monday, 23 May 2016

Positive Parenting: Saying Yes!

Since having my two boys, I have found myself becoming an advocate (in my own home and Social Media pages at least) of 'Positive Parenting'. Being that style of parenting that tries to focus on gentle guidance rather than punishment and critique.

Easy it certainly is not, but then no parenting - whatever your style, is. I've decided that my blog is another place, aside from my own home, that I can increase my advocacy so here's a light little starter post.

Although not necessarily part of Positive Parenting, I found myself wondering last week why I was so quick to say "no" to my children's requests. Often, if I'm honest, before they've even finished asking the question.

The reason for my 'no' always seems to be the same. Because I'm too busy. I don't have time. There's something that I feel I need to do first that is more important than what my children are asking for.

Over the last few days, just as a little experiment, I tried saying 'Yes' as often as possible instead ...

Mummy, can you make some more of those chocolate rice krispie cakes that you made for my Birthday party? YES

Mummy, will you play with me? YES

Mummy, can you play the '7 years old' song on your phone again? YES

Mummy, can you come and look at my Pirate Ship Castle's new roller coaster? (Minecraft) YES

Mummy, can you walk us through all the shops down town so we can spend our pocket money? YES

Mummy, it's nice and sunny. Can we just go fishing? YES

Mummy, if I take my Lego dragon to school to show my friends will you carry it home again for me? YES

Mummy, can I get my own breakfast? YES

Mummy, will you push me on the swing again? YES

Mummy, will you play Monopoly with me? YES

Mummy, can I wear my best party shirt today? YES

Mummy, can I have my torch in bed? YES

Mummy, will you read this book to me? YES

At the end of my experiment I can report that my house possibly looks a little untidier than it did last week but also that my children spent a lot more time smiling and laughing than they usually do.

From this day forth, I am definitely putting more emphasis on the latter.

Positive Parenting. Because it's not all about your parenting, it's all about their childhood.

Much Love
WF xxx