Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sporadic Blogging Causes Mixed Posts

I'llllllll just casually drift right back into my blog shall I? Sneak in by the back door and start writing a post, hoping nobody noticed I've been gone.

Do you know, there's so damn much going on in the world right now; choosing what to write about when I do find the time very quickly uses that time .... so we end up with mixed posts like this one.

But that's okay, it can be kinda cool. Just look at all the topics we can cover in one post if we try.

1. Trump and WTF did you just do America?!! Get up to your room IMMEDIATELY and think about the consequences of your actions. Much like us Brits must ourselves now, post Brexit referendum. I felt the need to write a post about the rise of the far right and how we intelligent gentle folk who've learned from the mistakes of history need to make sure we fight it and shout it out every time we recognise it. Never let it be normalised or accepted in any way.

2. Fake news, being 'sorted' by the internet big boys of Facebook,Google and Twitter. It's a bit blimmin' late guys but, okay. At least you're trying to rectify things. I was stunned to find out the extent of fake news that's intentionally used in political campaigns to sling mud at people and even more stunned by the amount of folk that swallow it, hook, line and sinker. If like me, you're feeling more mistrusting of the press than ever before but still want to keep up with current affairs, here's a handy list of fake news sites (and any sites that have been found to report fake news) for future reference.

3. Fake Facebook helping. Sharing posts that upset or concern us just makes US feel better, does it not? War torn countries too far away to look familiar. I feel more and more disheartened and helpless each day, adding my Facebook angry or sad face to yet another picture or clip of people suffering. Can I actually friggin do something to help please? Awareness is out there, I find folk in the comment sections asking the same question. I'm pretty sure I could get quite a team together, can we DO something to help?

4. Parenting, of course. The boys are at 9 and 6 so parenting as a whole still takes up a lot of my time and effort. I'm definitely a developing parent, a working project if you will, so I often find I want to write about my experiences and share my thoughts as I realise my mistakes or figure out new things. Mainly the former, it has to be said, mainly the former. More Positive Parenting posts soon, covering my tries, fails and successes. Yay! I succeed sometimes!

5. Work? Remember last time I wrote about work I was looking for jobs here in the U.K.? Yeah, that was never going to work out. Once you've worked for yourself, it's so hard to go back to being employed. For the last 11 months, hubs and I set up and started running an online preloved furniture store. I know. That wasn't one of my business plans was it? Opportunity is key I feel. It all started when my folks gave us furniture for the house when we arrived. They had two furnished holiday lets which were being changed to unfurnished long lets, so there was much more furniture than we needed. We decided to sell the excess as it were and were amazed at the potential to make money in secondhand or preloved household goods. I can't believe come January, we will have been trading for a whole year!!

6. CHRISTMAS! Oh yes. You know you can't avoid it any longer. It's nearly December and you are no longer allowed to be annoyed at those friends on Facebook and shops in your local town that insist on starting the excitement in October. I am getting the decorations out of the attic this weekend, oh yes I am. Enough putting it off already. It's Christmas time and I for one am ready. BRING IT ON!!

Much love
WF xx