Friday, 11 October 2019

Guess Who's Back

Well I'll be. Not sure what I'll be, not a monkey's uncle that's for sure albeit the correct idiom to express my shock and surprise at the fact that ... I am blogging again! 

Bit like riding a bike, I'll wobble and bump my way back in - bear with me as I find my voice. Possibly a new one hey, as we have all grown and changed since I was last here. So much so, I find some of my earlier posts make me cringe! Although I do manage to resist the urge to edit them.

I am actually as keen to pop along to some old blogging friends sites and have a read of what they've been up to as I am to write a post so let this first post in a while be a light one before I dash off for a catch up; I'll try imagine now what upcoming posts I have been itching to get back on here to write.

1. Personal Update; I still love to journal our lives somewhat on my blog so there will definitely be an update amongst the flurry of new posts. Highlights to include the continuation of our small business ventures, continuing growth (shock news) of our children and the EXCRUCIATINGLY exciting and imminent move to a country estate. Yes, a country estate oh la di da.

2. Positive Parenting; my current part time study project as Hubs and I find we have grown all the more determined to be the best parents we can possibly be as our boys get older and er, start copying in earnest all our good and bad examples. I've learnt so much and feel an urge quite often to try and pass on what successes we've enjoyed as well as our failings of course, so more tips and articles coming soon.

3. Current Affairs; I can't help it. I care what's going on in our world a great deal, it always interests me so it will be popping up in my upcoming posts I am sure. Trump and the organised Far Right, darling Greta and the Extinction Rebellion, Brexit (bleaurgh) etc.

4. Photography; long a passion of mine and soon I am moving to a simply stunning spot with ample opportunity for some truly beautiful work. I am walking around constantly with my view finder eyes on so expect some photo posts soon.

5. Writing; blogging about writing? Why yes of course. Since we last were together, I've had a stab at freelance content editing and discovered that I ADORE correcting other people mistakes. Who knew that eye twitch I get when reading a piece that *needs* editing could be put to good use!

5. Last but not least, I plan to resurrect my "Interesting Facts" post series. I keep learning new things! And some of them are interesting :)

And that is all ... for now. She is most definitely back.

Much love
WF xxx